Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #67

CWA Mobilization Activists from Locals 9509, 9404, 9510, 9413 and 9511 Rally at the At&t Developers Summit in Las Vegas on January 4, 2017


 We hope all of you had a Great Holiday and wish you a Happy New Year!


With the holidays over, Your Bargaining Committee is working on several issues to address with the Company. As we reported on a previous bulletin, Cal-OSHA determined that the Branded Apparel the Company issued to Technicians is not safe to wear. We will continue to address Branded Apparel at the bargaining table.


The Committee is holding fast on our proposals regarding Monitoring, Leveraged Title Sales Compensation, Overtime, Premises Technicians, New Hires, and Medical and keeping work in California and Nevada. We have told the Company Bargainers we are ready to meet and yet they continue to drag their feet.


Support your Bargaining Committee and demand a FAIR CONTRACT!



Fighting for Fairness


When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.

Ethiopian proverb

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