Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #34

VP Tom Runnion

Testifying in Sacramento

on Assembly Bill 2395



Not much movement at the table, but Mobilizing is in full force. We continue to work towards reaching a fair agreement; however the company is not working with us to resolve the major issues that are keeping us far apart.  We will return to the table on Tuesday.  The coming days will determine the direction we must go so please keep mobilizing and


Fighting for Fairness!


Update on AB 2395:  The assembly bill that will destroy jobs and is bad for California consumers and our employees has now been put on hold.


This bill is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:


  1.   AB 2395 could leave Rural Communities with No Telecommunications Service.

    The bill would allow a telephone corporation, such as AT&T, to withdraw voice telephone service to a community after January 1, 2020.


  2.   AB 2395 could leave many Consumers with Higher Rates, Inferior Service and little, if any, Competitive choice.

    The bill has only 3 requirements for an “alternative provider:” voice service, 911 access and back-up power information.  The “alternative provider” WOULD NOT have to provide Internet access, or services to people with disabilities, lifeline subsidies for low income households or meet minimum standards for RELIABILITY and QUALITY.


  3.   MOST IMPORTANT: AB 2395 Would Lead to Job Loss, Economic Stagnation in RURAL California!

    AB 2395 ALLOWS Telephone Companies to drop landline service (POTS).  Businesses will not locate in communities without High-speed wired broadband.  OUR employees who build, maintain and service the disconnected networks will lose family-supporting jobs.  California has a proud history of leadership in protecting consumers and promoting equitable access to Telecommunications service.  AB 2395 would abandon that LEGACY.


    Tomorrow, the bill goes before the Assembly Appropriations Committee to determine if it will proceed any further.


Fighting for Fairness!

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