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CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #3

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #3 February 26, 2016

All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website. (, Local Websites and email lists. Your Bargaining Committee

Today your Union Bargaining Committee met in formal session with the Company. The Union has put several proposals before the Company addressing our members’ issues and concerns representative of the bargaining surveys.
• Proposed that Appendix D be moved into Appendix A;
• Proposed to eliminate all subcontracting;
• Improve 401(k) investment choices and increase the match;
• Significant improvements in monitoring language;
• Improvements in Enhanced Severance Benefits;
• Improvements in Work boots;
• Increase paid illness days;
• Increase vacation and PDO time and ability to schedule time off.

The Company continued to pass its retrogressive proposals across the table including:
• Elimination of the employment security commitment and job offer guarantee;
• Gutting the surplus process;
• Capping Enhanced Severance Benefits;
• Reducing paid illness absence to 40 hours for current employees and no illness absence pay for new hires;
• Increase our cost share for medical;
• Freeze our pensions.

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