Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

CWA/AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #72


Despite being one of the most profitable companies in the country, AT$T is constantly forcing us to do more with less. And they’re failing our communities by refusing to invest in their crumbling lines.


Outages went up 350% after the first storm of the season because the company’s wireline infrastructure is too old to withstand inclement weather. This is only going to get worse as winter wears on.


We’ve been telling executives about these problems for years, but they chose to ignore us and the needs of our communities.  Now we’re forced to work in dangerous conditions to clean up their mess.



Sadly this outrageous behavior has been the norm for AT$T.  For nearly a year, they’ve refused to negotiate a new contract with us in good faith. As a result, we’re stretched thin and at risk of seeing many of our call center jobs shipped overseas.


This isn’t the right way to treat the men and women like us whose work drives record profits. That's why I decided to speak out.


I’m thrilled with how many people have had the courage to stand up so far. We’re making progress as a result. One example: Cal-OSHA recently determined that the branded apparel issued to technicians is not safe to wear.


But that’s not enough. Our message to AT&T at the bargaining table is loud and clear: it’s time to meet us halfway.


We could use your help spreading the word. Will you share my video with your friends on Facebook and ask them to do the same?


Thank you,


Armando Zepeda

Premises Technician  





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