Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

In The Trenches at 521

Hello and happy holidays,

Things have been moving and shaking at 521 lately!! A bright note in a very dismal election cycle: Our own CWA member Jose Sigala won his bid for city council in Tulare. Jose beat an incumbent quite handily; the vote was 74% to 26% in his favor for a land slide victory. Congratulations Jose! There have been changes such as the return of Kristy as the interim CEO. This is until the local elections are completed then Kristy will once again fall into the ranks of the retired. In the mean time Kristy as you are aware has proposed a 1 year contract extension. Per the membership request we have completed a soft canvass to see if there is interest in the proposal of 1 year extension for a 2% wage increase, with all other provisions of the contract remaining intact. There will be a conference call on Friday the 9th at 5:30 for discussion on the subject before ballots being sent out for a vote on the extension. The call in number is 888-636-3807 pass code 1534755# I would like to thank Andrea Hightower for her service as an executive board member. Andrea has recently made the decision that with the crazy schedule, working on the Morgan Hill decirt, and time away from family, that she should step down as an executive board member. We have had several new hires and we welcome you to the CWA family. Please have a safe holiday season.  Robert Hogue

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