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PVUSD Tentative agreement details




Section 1 – Tier 1 Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher

One hundred-twenty dollars ($120) per day. Sixty dollars ($60) half day.


Section 2 – Tier 2 Substitute

One hundred-sixty ($160) per day. Eighty dollars ($80) half day.

In order to qualify as a Tier 2 Substitute Teacher, the following applies:

1.  At least two years prior to the current year, the Substitute Teacher must have worked a

     minimum of 90 days each year as a Substitute Teacher for PVUSD or have been a

     Contracted Teacher for PVUSD or have been a Permanent Teacher for PVUSD.

2.  A Substitute Teacher with only an Emergency Substitute Permit will not be excluded

     from being classified as Career Substitute Teacher so long as he/she meets the

     criteria in number one.


Section 3 – Long Term Substitute

One hundred-seventy dollars ($170). Eighty-five dollars ($85) half day.

Long Term Substitute rate shall be paid under the following conditions:

1.  Ten (10) consecutive days taught in the same assignment/position within a given

      school year.

2.   Any Substitute Teacher that opens up the classroom at the beginning of the year.

3.   Any Substitute who takes over a classroom without any lesson plans and has to

      do lesson plans.


Section 4 – Wage/Benefit Increase

If another bargaining unit shall receive a wage increase and/or benefits increase for the PVUSD, CWA Local 9423 will be given written notice within 30 days of effective date of change.


Section 5 – Rate for Professional Development

One professional development day will be scheduled for Substitute Teachers either the day before or two days before the first day of the school year. The professional development day will be 3.75 hours. Attendance will be voluntary. The professional development day will be for 2016-2017 only, unless mutually extended by the parties.


Attendees will be paid for half of the rate for which they qualify:

Tier 1   $60

Tier 2   $80





Section – Duration

Except as provided herein and in Section 2 below, this Agreement shall remain in full force effective June 1, 2016 through June 1, 2019 and from year to year thereafter, unless modified or amended pursuant to the following provisions.


Section 2 – Re-openers

There are two (2) negotiation re-openers selected by each party for the 2016-2017 school year and two (2) negotiation re-openers for the 2017-2018 school year.

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