Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

New Discount on AT&T phones for union members

Communications Workers of America Local Affiliates in Western States;

AT&T Mobility has recently increased the Union Members discount benefit from 10% to 15%! Plz see for details.

Members who are New as well as Existing AT&T customers could be eligible for this increased monthly discount benefit on their personal use cellphone services.

In these challenging economic times, this benefit can in some measure help Working Families to make ends meet at home.

Members with existing service must complete the Fax Verification form along with copy of valid proof of membership and fax to 877-667-0534 to complete the Enrollment process in order to get the new 15% discount benefit.

COR Store reps and Call Center (877-290-5451) reps are available for Members’ convenience, and they can explain and facilitate the process.

But ultimately it is the Member’s responsibility to complete and fax in the Enrollment form and copy of valid proof of membership in order to get the new 15% discount benefit.

Members are urged to take these documents along with valid proof of membership with them when they visit AT&T COR Store location ( ). Doing so will help to ensure their positive experience.

I feel that we continue to have a great opportunity before us to extend this Union friendly program to more Union employees and members who might not otherwise be aware of these savings benefits being available to them.

Partnering with Union Privilege, our offers currently include the hugely successful iPhone – available only with AT&T. The new “iPhone 4” device is scheduled to be launched on June 25.

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