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Instructions for Strike at 12:00 Noon 5-19-2017

The Company has been notified that if we do not reach an agreement in principle by 12:00 noon PT on Friday, May 19th, AT&T Core wireline, DTV and mobility will be on strike beginning 12:00 moon Friday May 19th until 12:01am Monday, May 22nd. Unless otherwise notified.


Beginning at 12:00 noon on Friday May 19, 2017 the following instructions apply.


  • AT&T core wireline field technicians not on home garaging are to return to their normal work locations and check in with the picket captain to receive instructions.

  • AT&T premises technicians and AT&T DTV technicians on home dispatch are to return to their homes secure their company vehicles and capital tools. After securing company vehicle report to a Local 9423 AT&T Mobility wireless store nearest their home and check in with the picket captain at the location.

  • Comm Techs, Frame Techs and power Techs will be contacted directly by your officer or an executive board member with instructions.

  • Mobility members will report to the picket line at their normal work locations.

  • Staff associates will report to the picket captain at their assigned work location for instructions if they have not been contacted by their officer with special instructions.

Do not leave a job in an unsafe situation and please communicate with your customer that a work stoppage has been called and the company will be contacting them. Please contact your manager and steward if you are working on a job and the customer has a medical need for service.

The expectation is that all members perform picket duty all three days. The picket captains at the picket locations will have sign in sheets and shift assignments.


If you have an extenuating circumstance and will not be reporting please contact your officer or the strike headquarters at 408-278-9446 or 408-278-9449 to register your extenuating circumstance.



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