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President's Message

                   It is my honor and it brings me enormous pride to have the opportunity to represent the membership of CWA Local 9423 as your President. As we embark on a new chapter for our local I look forward to working with the membership through the challenges that our changing environments will bring. Over the next few months I will be working closely with the Membership, Executive board and Officers to explore ways to keep our local educated, active and informed. Our future is unwritten but with our strong dedicated membership our possibilities are endless.

Thank you,

Jason Hall, President
CWA Local 9423

 President’s message

We’ve had a tough last couple of years and the wheels against workers have yet to stop. We stood strong against corporate greed and this allowed our voices to be heard. We may not have accomplished all we deserved but, we did not give up without a fight. We are ...

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Our contract with AT&T Wireline ratified on May 1st. Our retroactive payments are as follows:
For Appendix A&E members,
10-1-2012 to 4-30-2013 Retro will be paid 6-7-2013

The Retro for 5-1-2013 to 6-15-2013 will be paid on 6-21-2013.
The pay period starting 6-16-2013 will have the new pay
rates from then on.

For Appendix D members,
10-1-2012 to 4-30-2013 Retro will be paid 5-31-2013

The Retro for 5-1-2013 to 6-8-2013 will be paid 6-14-2013
The pay period starting 6-9-2013 going forward will have
the new pay rates from then on.

If you should have any further questions on our new contract, please call your Local Officer.

Again, thank you for your involvement and participation. We may be calling upon you again soon, as we may need to join our Brothers and Sisters at SEIU 521 as negotiations for a new contract start tomorrow.

CWA’s expectation is still NO retrogressive bargaining. We need solutions NOT rejections! We need a tentative we can vote yes on!

To add strength to our ongoing fight, Jim Weitkamp, our District 9 Vice President, has asked all CWA Vice Presidents to:

  • Send no loaners to California, Nevada or Connecticut
  • Have no member backfill (RD) behind a manager and
  • Educate members on how to honor an electronic picket line for the call center work.

In addition District 1, who still is in negotiations, has been granted strike sanction.

The company has been meeting with our Bargaining Committee and some progress has been made. Today, they are on a short recess with expectations to return later this afternoon. Remember, talks at the bargaining table can break down at any time.
Locate your picket assignment! Don’t have? Call the strike headquarters.

Until you hear from us otherwise……report to work as scheduled.
Meanwhile, take your personal items home, work to rule, work safely and……NO LOANS.

Together we can and we will make a difference.
One for all and all for one!

The Mobility tentative contract ratification instructions will be mailed to your home. If you do not receive by April 1st, call 202-434-1227. Leave a message which includes your name, CWA Local 9423 and your telephone number. You will be called back with the required information to be able to vote.

For the AT&T wireline, ballots are counted this Thursday. In preparation for a NO Vote and if AT&T does not go back into bargaining, strike authorization has been given for March 21st. Yes, that is this Thursday! Striking is only one of the possibilities if our contract is not ratified. Please locate your assignment and be ready to picket.

If a strike is not immediately called for, we need to show our strength to motivate AT&T. We need to be loud and we need to be heard.

Where? When? How? RALLY!

Friday March 22nd
San Jose, 95 Almaden 5:30 PM
Salinas, 340 Pajaro 5:30PM
San Ramon, 2600 Camino Ramon 5:00PM

We need to all stand together to tell AT&T we are serious!

Every available Member needs to attend. Bring your family and friends…..all are welcome as, We are still in the fight for good jobs and we are still in the fight for our American Dream!

Today, Tuesday, January 22nd, is the opening day of bargaining for our Mobility contract. This contract covers more than 21,000 Mobility Workers across the country.

To kick off this event, we are asking all CWA AT&T Members,
to wear something RED.

Let AT&T see red, as a reminder that we all deserve, a fair and just contract!

To get Mobility bargaining updates text “orange” to 69866 or go to

For AT&T Core, unity is still key in reaching a tentative agreement. Please continue to work safely and work to rule. Federal Mediation will be from January 27th through January 31st.

Stay in touch as more will be coming, in our countdown to contract.

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