District 9 has called for a STRIKE VOTE against AT&T

District 9 has called for a STRIKE VOTE against AT&T




 AT&T is the largest and most profitable company in the Communications/Entertainment industry, posting profits of $34.4 billion on revenues of $134.2 billion in 2014. It is important to recognize that the workers of AT&T have helped make this possible and that should not be forgotten at the bargaining table.


 CWA believes that AT&T has a responsibility to give back to the consumers and the communities that have made AT&T a successful leader for economic growth. This means providing good, middle class jobs to help grow our communities, rather than outsourcing jobs, surplusing workers and cost shifting to increase corporate profits, while claims of competiveness are raised.


 Our country will never achieve a solid economic recovery without good, middle class jobs and it is incumbent on successful companies like AT&T to be a corporation that will raise the standard by helping to create and maintain those jobs. The 17,000 workers at AT&T West deserve a fair share in AT&T’s profitability and future.


Below is a list of proposals (take backs) the company currently has on the bargaining table!



Attention! Attention! Attention!

CWA Local 9423 members in the AT&T West contract will be receiving official STRIKE authorization ballots in the mail next week. You will have two options to return your ballot. You can return your ballot by mail or hand deliver to one of the many ballot drop off locations we will have listed. The locations will be included in your ballot envelope. All ballots must be returned no later than 12pm on March 30, 2016.



Taking a strike vote is part of the process and a critical part in making AT&T understand that we are serious. Having a yes strike vote does not mean we will be going on strike. Per the CWA constitution approval of the Executive Board (National) shall be obtained before a strike action may be taken. The national president at that point will have the authority to call a strike if and when it becomes necessary.



“While we face challenges in these negotiations, we are stronger through our solidarity. All CWA members are united in our commitment to improve living standards for all of our families, to provide security for our retirees, and to secure good, well-paid union jobs for the future. CWA members are the foundation upon which the success of AT&T rests. We have boosted the company’s earnings and productivity even through a global recession. Our work has positioned AT&T to become the new giant of the communications industry.

Now it is our turn. It is time for a fair contract”. Tom Runnion