The bargaining team met with management and legal counsel for the district on 10-30-15. The Items discussed were as follows:

Wages are always a premier topic in bargaining, and the district had previously agreed (in a good faith gesture) to immediately increase wages by 7%. This amount should have been reflected on your last paycheck! This in no way limits or hinders CWA’s position in bargaining on wages. CWA believes that P.V.U.S.D is woefully under-paying its substitutes. The fact that the district is willing to honor our request for an immediate pay increase is a promising sign. Progress in bargaining is always slow; unfortunately the departure of Sharon Roddick as the lead bargainer for the district has made the process slower. The CWA bargaining team is meeting with the district again on the 20th of this month. The district was receptive to forming subcommittees in order to work on smaller issues and move the process along faster. The goal of your bargaining team is to get a fair contract that reflects the hard work and commitment that goes into being an educator at P.V.U.S.D. (as quickly as possible). Your bargaining team thanks you for your patience and support. Please update the local with your contact information i.e. email and home address as we will be scheduling a meeting for the P.V.U.S.D. members to have a face to face and open dialogue on bargaining issues.