CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #18



Local 9511 Prem Techs Standing Strong in Oceanside


Our contract has expired and we are working without a contract. We are still far apart on way too many issues. The Company offered $0.10 (yes, TEN CENTS!) for added scope of work for the Prem Techs.


All retrogressive proposals are still on the table including:


Employment Security Increased Healthcare cost


Protections for Technicians Elimination of Kaiser


Grievance Process Illness Absence


49 hour rule Overtime


Monitoring Sunday Premium


Carryover Vacation Sunday plus 4


The Company’s retrogressive proposals are an insult to us all. The Company is trying to strong-arm us into a contract when they’ve been dragging their feet. In spite of the Company’s behavior, your Bargaining Committee is dedicated to getting our members the best contract possible.




Fighting For Fairness