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AT&T CORE (West) Bargaining Report #14 - April 7, 2024

AT&T Bargaining Report #14  

April 7, 2024

As the contract has expired, we'd like to update you on where we are currently at the table. Your Bargaining Team worked will into the morning past expiration and we've yet to come to an agreement on anything significant. At the 11th hour, the company passed proposals that the Bargaining Team had already rejected, and they included these items:

  • Massive change to the Layoff table for surplus employees.
  • New separation table for anyone who transfers into Appendix A in the event of a surplus.
  • Scope of work movement with minor Appendix E improvements.

The company also rejected every single Appendix E proposal that they had been sitting on, and as part of their scope of work proposal, they included a minimal wage increase and sprinkled in these Appendix E items the company feels are massive upgrades that every prem tech wants:

  • Moving the scheduling change provision a few hours,
  • Changing schedule to mirror civic duty,
  • Added MLK holiday,
  • Changing differential (which no one has) from 50% to 25% of their tour.

Regarding medical, this has been and is still one of the biggest hurdles we are trying to overcome. The company is trying to force a new program down our throats as the pilot district, and we've been trying to navigate this issue, but honestly, it is making us VERY SICK. We also met with them today to discuss medical issues; coming to an agreement on this topic is moving at a snail's pace.

The company's proposal of a 2% raise for our members is unacceptable. We are resolute that our Team will settle for nothing less than fair compensation. We will not back down until we receive the compensation our members deserve.


In Unity,

Mike Barfield Staff Representative, Art Gonzalez Local 9511, John Miller Local 9421, Jason Hall Local 9423, Chris Roberts Local 9509