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AT&T CORE (West) Bargaining Report #21 - May 21, 2024

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #21

May 21, 2024

The bargaining committee has been meeting with the company to discuss improvements to
Appendix E. Although we have made some progress, we still have work to do.
We are optimistic regarding the movement at the table, and it appears the membership’s actions
could be the result of it. We acknowledge your support, and it’s appreciated. The company has
stated that there are a variety of things they won’t leave the table without, and your bargaining
team has been very stingy about these items unless we see a significant benefit for the

The company continues to mention how we are not in alignment with other districts when it
benefits them but ignores it when your bargaining committee points it out for our benefit. With
wages being a huge issue as we advance in these negotiations, your bargaining committee
understands the cost of living and inflation that affects us all, and it must be addressed!
The bargaining committee will continue to work towards a contract that will benefit all members.
Your commitment to fighting and mobilizing for a fair and just contract is paramount to these
negotiations and is greatly appreciated. Unity is our strength, and you all are showing how strong
we are.

In Unity,
Mike Barfield, Staff Representative Jason Hall, Local 9423
Art Gonzalez, Local 9511 Chris Roberts, Local 9509
John Miller, Local 9421