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AT&T CORE (West) Bargaining Report #8 - March 11, 2024

AT&T Core Bargaining Report #8

March 11, 2024

Over the past few days, your bargaining team has engaged in detailed conversations with the
company following the employer’s rejection of the Union’s proposal to move members from
Appendix E to Appendix A. As a result, the Union then passed a package of approximately a
dozen proposals focused on Appendix E. These proposals encompass a range of topics, from
overtime caps to the 49-hour rule, all aimed at enhancing the members' quality of work life, a
direct response to insights gathered from the bargaining surveys. The bargaining team also
passed a hybrid work schedule proposal for the call centers that was also a result of the
bargaining surveys.
The union and the company reached an understanding on a joint proposal regarding a permanent
4x10 scheduling for specific call centers. While your bargaining team felt that coming to an
agreement was a positive step forward and would start moving us in the right direction, however,
the company then reverted to its familiar pattern of rejecting our proposals. Notably, all the
rejections pertained to proposals to update language or dollar amounts. The company appears
inclined to maintain outdated compensation structures and antiquated language.
With approximately a month remaining until expiration, we have yet to see the company move in
a consistent positive direction to improve the lives of our members. Despite our optimism about
reaching a resolution, the company's continuous rejections of our proposals pose a significant
challenge to reach an agreement on time. Please ensure you are prepared!
The bargaining team values the support received from those who have shown solidarity by
capturing images to demonstrate their willingness to fight for a fair and just contract. We
encourage you to reach out to your CWA local to determine where your assistance may be

In Unity,
Mike Barfield District 9, Jason Hall Local 9423, Art Gonzalez Local 9511, Chris Roberts Local 9509, 
John Miller Local 9421