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DirecTV (DTV)

DirecTV Bargaining Report #7 - March 19, 2024

DTV Bargaining Report #7

March 18, 2024

As of Monday March 18, 2024, the DirecTV Bargaining Committee has submitted approximately 40 proposals to the Company. Those proposals range from a variety of topics that are focused on not only guaranteeing, but also expanding the rights and protection of our members. The majority of these proposals have been outright rejected (with no counter proposals) or the Company has either been unable and or unwilling to respond to our demands. The DirecTV Bargaining Committee continues to push for a reply! The DirecTV Bargaining Committee has agreed to 7 tentative agreements with the Company on subject matters including “Title Name”, “Union-Company Relations”, “Committees”, and “Union Recognition”. As we move forward into negotiating for a better contract, we ask that you, the Members, continue to fight with us for a better deal and to continue preparing should our requests go denied and unanswered! 

In Unity,

District 9 DTV Bargaining Team

Derek Walker, Staff Representative

Kenyon Johnson, CWA Local 9003

Frank Mendoza, CWA Local 9416

Maxie Lemoine, CWA Local 9421