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DirecTV (DTV)

DirecTV Bargaining Report #8 - March 22, 2024

DirecTV Bargaining Report #8

March 22, 2024

The Bargaining Committee has submitted almost all of CWA’s work-rule proposals for the new contract with the Company, and we’re eagerly awaiting their response.  

Our submissions also include a conditional agreement  package that could significantly speed up negotiations,  enabling us to concentrate more on the Committee’s primary objectives: securing a fair deal for all our members.  

As we shift our focus to bargaining for improved benefits and  economic compensation, it is crucial for every member to be ready to demonstrate support and advocate for your rights  and those of your fellow workers. 

In Unity, 

District 9 DTV Bargaining Team  

Derek Walker, Staff Representative  

Kenyon Johnson, CWA Local 9003  

Frank Mendoza, CWA Local 9416  

Maxie Lemoine, CWA Local 9421