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DirecTV (DTV)

DTV Bargaining 02/12/24

February 12, 2024 

Sisters, Brothers, and Siblings, 

The time has come. One of the most sacred rights to those who are Organized is to have a say at work, and a say  in one’s hours, wages and working conditions. We manifest it when we negotiate our collective bargaining  agreements. The time has come at DIRECTV. CWA will begin bargaining a new CBA for the members at DTV on  February 5, 2024. Being the most Democratic of Unions, your Local Presidents duly elected a Bargaining  Committee to take on this important task. I have extreme confidence that they will get it done. CWA Locals, with  the input of the rank and file, have determined the most critical items to be negotiated. 

Here are some those items as brought to us by you: 

• Implementing a DTV Job Security Clause 

• Wage Increases 

• Pension Contribution Increase 

• Improved Medical Benefits 

• And More Funding for Education 

These are the priorities, but in no way the only items that may be discussed at the bargaining table. 

None of these issues can be achieved without the support of you, the Membership. We must influence the  decision makers at DTV that bringing in a timely, just, and fair contract is the only route to take. We do this by  Mobilizing. Your local will be rolling out a comprehensive Mobilization plan so that we can all engage and let DTV  know we will not accept anything less than a fair and just Contract. Mobilizing is not just job actions. Mobilizing  also involves all of us contacting our Political Leaders, our contingency partners, other labor groups and the public  at large. It takes work but together we will achieve our goal. 

Be prepared, be ready. As we say in CWA, “When we Fight, we Win”. 

I am honored to be in this fight with you. The members of CWA have never let me down. I know we are up to the  challenge, and I have the utmost confidence that we will get it done.  

In Unity, 

Frank Arce, Vice President 
CWA District 9