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DirecTV (DTV)

DTV Bargaining Report #5 - March 6, 2024

CWA National President Claude Cummings and the District 9 DTV Bargaining Committee

DTV Bargaining Report #5  March6, 2024

While we are making progress on procedural details in Company-Union relations,  the Bargaining Committee is still waiting for agreements and or counterproposals from the Company regarding outstanding Union proposals.  

The Company stated they want to expedite contract negotiations to successfully create a new labor agreement. However, they seem to be in no rush to bargain for the important components of our contract: 

• Pay, 

• Benefits,  

• and Job Security. 

We need everyone to be prepared to help us get the  

Company’s attention if needed. 

In Unity, 

District 9 DTV Bargaining Team 

Derek Walker, Staff Representative 

Kenyon Johnson, CWA Local 9003 

Frank Mendoza, CWA Local 9416 

Maxie Lemoine, CWA Local 9421