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DirecTV (DTV)


DTV Bargaining Report April 8, 2024 - Click the arrow for more!

Congratulations to our DirecTV members. Your Bargaining Team was able to reach a tentative agreement on April 8th. We are still waiting for the details and will share them as soon as they are available. Next up will be a vote by DTV members, which will happen after contract explanation. There is an expectation that the details, the contract explanation sessions and the vote will be completed by May 10th. THE CRITICAL FACTOR: You MUST SUBMIT YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL AND CELL PHONE NUMBER TO OUR WEBPAGE/ONLINE FORM WHICH YOU CAN GET HERE: OR HERE:  ALL VOTING, WHETHER FOR AT&T CORE OR DTV WILL ONLY BE DONE ELECTRONICALLY, so if you don't provide the necessary information, you won't get a ballot. Sign up and keep in touch. As events develop, we will update this webpage. CONGRATS and let's help our brothers and sisters at AT&T Core by signing the petition here: