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AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #3

February 28, 2020

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #3

February 27, 2020

Local 9421 Members at the 24th and S garage

Today, your Union Bargaining Team finished passing our opening round of proposals to the Company. The proposals were created using the data received from our Member’s bargaining surveys and from Local Officers. After the Company asked clarifying questions; the Company requested a recess to consider the Union’s proposals and to prepare their counter-response to the Union’s demands. The Bargaining Team stands ready to receive and respond to the Company’s proposals. Your Bargaining Team appreciates the mobilization efforts put forth by our members and we ask that you keep in touch with your Local’s Mobilization Coordinator(s) for planned activities. Keep up the pressure so the Company knows our members are engaged and ready to do whatever it takes to get a fair contract. Next update will come following the Company’s response.

In Solidarity,

District 9 Bargaining Team


Domonique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice President District 9

Lynn Johnson, Chief Bargainer District 9

Art Gonzalez, CWA Local 9511

Jason Hall, CWA Local 9423

John Miller, CWA Local 9421

Lou Mondragon, CWA Local 9416