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BAD NEWS - INVESTIGATION CONTINUES: AFLAC Transition to American Public Life


A Message to all Members Participating in the Aflac Supplemental Benefit Offering

We are excited to announce enhancements to your voluntary benefits. In an effort to ensure our members have the most comprehensive benefits at the lowest cost, we have decided to move our Voluntary Benefit coverages to another Insurance carrier (American Public Life). 

• Beginning on 1/1/2023, if you are enrolled in Aflac Accident, Critical Illness or Hospital Indemnity Insurance, American Public Life will be assuming those polices at the same cost to you but with product enhancements. You will automatically be enrolled at the same coverage level you originally applied for.
• NEW SHORT TERM DISABILITY OFFERING-Open enrollment will begin on February 6th 2023 and you will have the opportunity at that time to enroll in our new Disability plan and make any other changes to your current elections.

What you need to do next

• Nothing! Your deductions will remain the same for all benefits and you will receive the enhanced coverage at no additional cost or burden to you. Enhancements include higher payouts on accident coverage, higher levels of Guarantee Issue on Critical Illness and higher payouts for Hospitalization.
• American Public Life will be sending you a copy of your new policies along with a welcome letter to your home in January so please be on the lookout for it.
• Open Enrollment will take place February 6th to February 17th 2023. We will be adding some new benefits this year to include short term disability coverage. During open enrollment this year, you may make any changes to your coverages to include adding these new lines.

First thing to know, this is a good move for our members! Better benefits with a longer rate guarantee and you do not have to do anything to accept these product enhancements. For those who may have questions you can call our Voluntary Benefit Representative Jennifer Dann at 833-310-0978