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Bookshop Santa Cruz

One year ago (Feb 3rd, 2021) the workers at Bookshop Santa Cruz won their Union election, they still don’t have a contract. On Feb 6th, 2022, CWA9423 and the workers at Bookshop Santa Cruz, leafleted and asked for support toward a fair contract. They are fighting for a living wage for all workers, safe working conditions and proper recognition.

"It was great to hit the pavement on Saturday and spread awareness about our fight for a living wage. It's always lovely to connect with Bookshop customers and the Santa Cruz community at large. The support we've received from the community is so incredible! Special thanks to the UCSC grad students, CWA members, and local DSA folks who came and stood with us." 

If you shop at Bookshop Santa Cruz, voice your support for the Union, while in person, on-line, or over the phone. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @BSCWORKERS and help spread the word.