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Letter to 9423 Members



Dear 9423 members,


As you may be aware, we recently concluded a hearing regarding the appeal by Robert Hogue of the imposition of a temporary administratorship.  That hearing was held last week from October 10th to 12th.  The hearing officer, Dennis Trainor, the VP of CWA District 1, intends to issue his recommendation to the full CWA International Executive Board within 30 days after he receives the hearing transcript.  The Executive Board will then vote on whether to affirm, reverse or modify the appointment of the Temporary Administrator.  Regardless of further proceedings, my intent remains to hold elections for new 9423 Officers and Executive Board members and to return CWA Local 9423 to the members as soon as possible.


In my role as Temporary Administrator, one of my goals is to unite members and end the turmoil the Local has seen with years of infighting and legal battles that divided the Local.  It is essential as well to focus on facts, not rumors, or unverified accusations of financial malpractice.


One thing I want to bring to the members attention is that I have discovered that the prior Local Officers spent nearly $90,000 on legal fees with an outside firm pursuing legal action against the former Secretary-Treasurer, Monica Alvarado.  The judge ultimately dismissed the case against Ms. Alvarado.  Notably, the former 9423 Officers and Executive Board had constitutional options such as filing charges or seeking a recall which doesn’t cost the Local nearly as much money.


In addition, the Local is in need of major accounting services due to several years of chaos that led to late filings of mandatory federal forms.  The financial records of the Local also must be reconciled by a certified public accountant familiar with Labor Unions’ requirements.  These tasks are underway and the intent is to ensure all required fiscal and tax forms are accurate and filed on time to avoid the Local making any faulty or late filings in the future as was done the past two years.


Our current Union Hall located at 2015 Naglee Ave in San Jose was purchased in 2001.  The building is paid off and as with all commercial or residential properties, maintenance is necessary to avoid more expensive repairs later.  As the current (and future) member’s primary asset, the Union Hall is entrusted to the Officers and Executive Board to maintain in good repair.  Because of the lack of repairs in recent years, the Local will need to spend thousands of dollars which would have not have been necessary otherwise.


Specifically, the roof was not serviced with quarterly debris removal and leak inspection; the HVAC system had ceased to work due to several years without maintenance service which led to expensive repairs.  The interior lighting was decades old and in need of replacement.  The front and rear doors need replacement.  The front portico columns have severe wood rot and are in need of repair.  This Hall is where we members come together as a Union, and we need to do more to make it a place where we can continue to carry out the Local’s work, now and for the future.


The Union Hall, once a hub of rank-and-file led committees will resume very soon as the urgent repairs are nearly complete.  Member-led committees such as bargaining, organizing, mobilization, strike-prep/event, community services, safety & health, equity, legislative & political, are what unites us throughout the Local.  The committee work will now use more technology to connect 9423 members throughout our jurisdiction.


Expect to hear more from your Local as we join together to rebuild the kick-ass solidarity CWA Local 9423 members were and once again will be known for.


You, the CWA Local 9423 members, deserve no less.  Stay tuned.


In Unity,

Louie Rocha

Temporary Administrator
CWA Local 9423