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Mobility Contract Ratified

Unity at AT&T Mobility


CWA members have voted to ratify a new four-year Agreement covering 12,000 AT&T Mobility workers under the Orange Contract. Congratulations on a hard-fought contract!

The new Orange contract offers adjustments for inflation, adds parental leave, limits mandatory overtime, extends job security protections, curtails the outsourcing of jobs to third party retailers, and much more. With this agreement, we have the security of knowing that our wages will continue to grow over the next four years.

Although we know this agreement is not everything we deserve, we will keep fighting and are proud of what we achieved together.

Great contracts are not won at the bargaining table. They are won on the shop floor and in the streets. As more and more CWA members become active in our union, we will see our power strengthen. After nearly 7 months of mobilization and tough bargaining, we were able to avoid a strike. It was you and your coworkers who proved to the company that when we stand together, we win.

In Solidarity,

Dennis G. Trainor,
Vice President CWA District 1,