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NOTICE TO MEMBERSHIP: CWA Local 9423 in Receivership

Effective March 2, 2023, the CWA National Executive Board voted to appoint Nancy Biagini as the Temporary Administrator of CWA Local 9423.  The Local is now in receivership.

The reason for receivership was, in large part, due to conflicting and continuing claims of financial misconduct.  This is not an indictment on any specific individual.  Temporary Administrator Nancy Biagini was a former Officer of CWA Local 9423, served as a CWA National Staff Representative, and spent over 40 years as a Union activist on both the Local scene and nationally with CWA Headquarters.  The objective of a Temporary Administrator is to ensure that the essential functions of a CWA Local are in operation.  In essence, it is a re-set of sorts.

As part of the receivership process, all elected Officers and Executive Board members were relieved of their duties as an elected Officer or Executive Board member and, similarly, relieved of their duties as Stewards.  Appointed Stewards retain their duties.  All elected personnel of CWA Local 9423 have been duly notified and no longer serve the Local in those capacities.

As the Local reorganizes, feel free to discuss representation issues with your job site Stewards.  Members and Stewards should feel free to reach out to Nancy; she can be reached via email at  The Local’s main line, 408-278-9423, remains available for any issues.  Simply leave a detailed message, your name, work location, and call back number with area code.  Your calls and emails will be answered.

Thank you for your patience as we move forward with re-building Local 9423.  Notices of pending Local meetings will be posted to the website calendar, along with other Local news.  Be sure to check back often.

Remember, solidarity works!