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Piedmont Air

Piedmont Airlines Bargaining Report - June 10, 2024


Your CWA Bargaining Committee and Dan Reynolds from our CWA Research Department met with the Piedmont Bargaining committee on June 4th, 5th, & 6th. Dan is working with us to cost the value of our proposal and any proposal the Company makes.

CWA started the session by passing proposals on:

  • Article 3 Seniority
  • Article 4 Filling of Vacancies
  • Article 6 Hours of Service
  • Article 8 Overtime
  • Article 9 Training
  • Article 11 Holidays
  • Article 13 Compensation

Our talks became intense over the consecutive days off language in the contract and no agreement was reached.

Our economic proposal would provide a livable wage, cut the number of pay scales and length of the scales, increase pay when working mando overtime, and increase Holidays and Vacation time for all members.

The next day the Company passed proposals on:

  • Article 3 Seniority
  • Article 6 Hours of Service
  • Article 9 Training
  • Article 18 Safety and Health.

The Union passed article 12 Vacation and the Company passed Article 28 Alcohol and Drug testing. We were able to agree to the language on Alcohol and drug testing which included no changes to the current language in the contract. We were able to engage in a meaningful discussion over the shift swap policies and how they are administered.

To date we have tentative agreements on:

  • Article 1 Purpose
  • Article 2 Scope
  • Article 5 Furlough and Recall
  • Article 7 Probation
  • Article 15 Sick Leave,
  • Article 19 Grievance Procedure
  • Article 22 Union Representation

All of these agreements are tentative, not in effect now, and will not go into effect until the entire agreement is ratified.

We are at a critical point in negotiations trying to finish up the non-economic items and work on the economic items, pay and benefits. Piedmont and CWA agreed to cancel the next meeting in June so both parties can work on the remaining proposals. Our next meeting is July 16, 17, & 18.

We are releasing a short survey for part-time agents regarding health care. It is important to fill out the survey so we can finish our entire economic proposal.

Mobilization is critical at this stage of bargaining. We need to show the Company we are Unified and want a Contract. Thank you to all who participated in the action last week.