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SEIU Local 521

SEIU Local 521 Bargaining Report 01/31/24

SEIU/CWA 9423 Bargaining Team
Bargaining Report 01/31/24

Today, your CWA bargaining team presented our bargaining principles to the management team. We also presented our CWA petition supporting these principles and with 90% of our bargaining unit’s support, it speaks to our unity behind these principles.  

These are the articles that CWA presented at today's negotiation table:

  • Article 2 - Union Security (Protections for temporary workers)

  • Article 5 - Non-Discrimination (Mental Health Services & Accommodations)

  • Article 10 - New Employees (Protections for temporary workers)

  • Article 11 - Performance Evaluations/Assessment Documents (Protections for temporary workers)

  • Article 21 - Bereavement (Improved workplace culture)

Megan, External Organizer statement on protections for temporary workers: “We understand that sometimes there is a need for temporary workers, but we believe that SEIU 521 should exemplify clear, concise, and concrete policies regarding temporary workers so that we can build a stronger labor movement and ensure that SEIU 521 staff, regardless of status, feel valued and respected.”

Chrissy, Contract Enforcement Specialist statement on bereavement & non-discrimination: “These proposals intend to increase inclusivity in our contract and highlight our CWA membership’s uniqueness. It ensures members have equal rights regardless of their family or disability status”

Please keep in mind this is our first round of proposals and that we have yet to begin bargaining on any economic proposals at this time. 

Our upcoming bargaining dates are:

  • 2/7/2024 3pm-5pm

  • 2/13/2024 1pm-3pm

  • 2/22//2024 11am-2pm

  • 2/29/2024 11am-1pm

NEXT STEPS  - Please join us at the next membership meeting to discuss today’s bargaining session and open the floor for any questions. 

WHEN: Monday 2/5/2024 
TIME: 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm. 
ONLINE MEETING FOR CWA/SEIU MEMBERS ONLY; click here to join the Zoom: 

In Solidarity,

Your Elected CWA 9423 Bargaining Team
Courtney Koger (Region 1)
Chrissy Nelson (Region 2) 
Simone Cranston-Rhodes (Region 3 and 4)
Megan Russell (Region 5)